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Some frequently asked questions from our clients can be found here. If you have any further questions about your wedding planning, General Sessions or booking please do not hesitate to email us to

How Many Images will I receive?

Weddings: Depending on the number of hours and photographers you choose will determine the number of images that you will receive. A standard wedding package will receive around 750 images as an average.

General Sessions: Our General sessions like Maternity, Engagement, and Family sessions average around 25-35 High-Resolution Images.

Are the images Edited?

Weddings: All delivered images are retouched adjusting the composition, color and exposure. All the key moments like the first kiss, first dance, cake cutting etc. are edited. 

General Sessions: All images in our general sessions are edited.

How Many Photographers do we need?

We also recommend having no less than two photographers for your wedding day. During a wedding there are always so many moments going on simultaneously but our cameras can only be pointed in one direction at a time. Our main shooter focuses on the bride and groom while our second or third shooters are capturing the bridal party, guest, and parents. This way you will get the full spectrum of your wedding day. 

When should we schedule our Engagement Sessions?

Your engagement session can be scheduled anytime before your wedding. Schedule it with us at least 4 weeks prior to when you would like your session. We usually conduct Engagement Sessions during the week. There are typically less crowds during the week and we have more availability.  

When do I get my photos?

Weddings: Wedding photos are delivered no later than 3 months after the wedding date. Sometimes we have 5 weddings in one month so please be patient with us.

General Sessions: We can provide a preview of 1-2 images as a preview within 2 days of the session. The remaining set will be delivered 2 weeks after the session date.

Do you have Liability Insurance?

Yes. We hold liability insurance with A+ Insurance carrier. If your venue and event requires proof of liability insurance please ask us to request a copy 3 weeks prior to event.

Do you require a Deposit/Contract?

Weddings: For all of our weddings we require a contract and 50% deposit to secure the date and price. The deposit will be applied to the remaining balance.

General Sessions: For our general sessions we do not require a contract but we do require a $100 deposit that will be applied to the remaining balance.

Can we have the RAW files?

If you would like to be the exclusive owner of the rights to the images you may purchase the full rights of all the images for the session. Please contact us for details of purchase.

Can we print and Post our images?

Yes you may print and post any of the delivered images on any social media site and may print the images at any photo lab of your choosing for any wedding or general session.

How will the images be delivered?

Weddings: All the images will be delivered to you on a USB Flash Drive. A gallery will also be created the key moments from the wedding for you to share with your familly.

General Sessions: All general session images are delivered on an online gallery where you can download, print, and post your photos. Upon request you may have images delivered on an USB Flash drive and an online gallery for an additional charge.

Do you do videography?

We work very closely with videographers and highly recommend hiring our referrals if you choose to have video for your wedding day. We have done many weddings together and work very well with each other.

How do I book the Date?

Contact us for a consultation or availability by email or phone and we can reserve the date for you. 

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