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Wedding Day Planning

With all the planning and preparation that goes into a wedding sometimes it is easy to overlook a few small but very important details. From booking the ceremony location to the venue, organizing the bridal party, flower deliveries, makeup etc. blocking out time for pictures is often the last thing to be considered. Every wedding is different and time frames can very depending on many things. However, here are some recommendations that help us optimize the time for awesome pictures. 

Details: Rings, Dress, Bouquet, Shoes

Recommend: 15-20 minutes

Remembering the smaller things about your wedding.  15-20 minutes is a good time frame to get fantastic shots of all the details. Have them together before hand to save sometime time. We sometimes take the details outside if we need more light or better environment which can take some time to run in and out. 

Wedding Preparation Photos

Recommend: 45-60 Minutes

Preparation photos done in a hotel or bridal suite is the most accommodating. Setting aside a solid 45-60 minutes for the preparation photos is a perfect amount of time for us to capture some amazing images with the bride to be and the bride's maids.

Wedding Couple Photos

Recommended: 60 minutes

The absolute best time to take the couple's photo is 1 hour before sunset. This time frame is considered golden hour which is when the lighting is close to perfect for photos. We highly recommend structuring the day's events to match this recommendation. Be sure to consider travel time in addition to the 60 minutes.

Bridal Party & Family Photos

Recommended: 45 Minutes

Plan on putting aside at least 45 minutes for Family photos. To help this go as smoothly as possible have a list ready prior to the wedding of the groups or individuals. This is also a good point to call on your Maid/Matron of Honor to help organize the groups. 

Other Considerations

*If there are multiple locations keep in mind travel time and anticipate traffic. Set aside enough time in consideration for this.

*Send us your wedding day itinerary with times, addresses, important people's contact numbers.

*Weddings usually do not stay exactly on schedule, so don't worry if things need to be adjusted. That is completely normal.

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